And no - it doesn’t run on sewer gas!


Despite Webb lamps having been apparently installed in over 100 local authorities there are very few to be seen today. Most, having lost their sewer ventilation and sterilisation function were replaced by electric lamp standards.  English Heritage have protected by 'listing' 20 in Sheffield, 10 in Whitley bay, 5 in Seaton Delaval/Sluice, 1 in Rippon and the Carting Lane lamp. Surviving single lamps may also be seen in Alton, Durham, Winchester, and Morpeth - no doubt there are more to be discovered. Derelict lamps without lanterns can occasionally be seen, unrecognised and unregarded – there are two on the Great West Road in Isleworth for instance. The Blists Hill museum has re-erected a working example, and the Science Museum has a working lantern. 24 of the Sheffield lamps have recently been restored and converted by Pusdsey Diamond to LED imitation gas mantles run by solar power, 2 remain as gas lamps; none ventilate sewers.

I would welcome information on any other surviving Webb lamps; working, converted or derelict, in this country or abroad.

One of the derelict Webb lamps on the Great West Road, London. Photo by HoosierSands

Update: One has been discovered, without a lantern but in otherwise reasonable condition, in Harewood Road, South Croydon, London - see GLIAS newsletter  302 June 2019. There also seems to be a stink pipe in the same road.