The file contents  appear to be mainly from the  records of Nandor Fodor's organisation  The International  Institute for  Psychical Research (Dr Nandor Fodor - Research  Officer, Arthur Kingston, Mr Isaacs  - Photographic Expert) - he must have donated them to the SPR when he emigrated to America. A small  number of  papers derive  from the  ISPR (Walker  - Secretary, C V C Herbert -  Research Officer);  these have  been left in  a bunch  to emphasise their separate identity. THE REST OF THE  FILE HAS BEEN PUT INTO DATE ORDER - PLEASE MAINTAIN.

No  example of  the photograph  is in  the file,  both copies  originally included  are missing, as are other duplicates from 1989.   The location  of   the  negative   is  uncertain. Investigation is proceeding.



Publisher's flier 'It Was & It Wasn't' Marchioness Townshend

21 Sep 65 British Library request slip by J T A Gardner

Press cutting London paper? 'Real Life Ghost Stories: No 2 the Ghosts of Raynham Hall' by Marchioness Townshend. Second half same as the 30 Jan 37 cutting, doesn't mention ghost photo.


I saw Shira and Provand at their studio in Dover Street. Provand appeared nervous.

Film: Kodak S.S. Ortho. Lens: RR type, symmetrical doublet. Approx f/8. Camera: old stand camera. Provand said that the bellows were faulty, and that he was always afraid that light might get in. This is significant.

I saw the negatives (cut films) of both exposures. The first (empty) film was much under-exposed. Exposure in each case was by daylight (high-lights on stairs, etc) assisted by Sasha bulb (large size, one in each case). The second film (both were in one dark-slide) i.e. the one with the 'ghost', is obviously shaken in a vertical plane, causing doubling of all horizontal lines (or else is two exposures?).

Provand said he had noticed this, which surprised me, as it is very obvious even in the process block. Provand says the camera was on a marble table or pillar and was not very rigid. He uncapped in a hurry. It looks as if exposure due to daylight was doubled by vibration. Flash exposure single.

Both negatives show a circular marking (not clear in block) which in the second looks like a halo round the figure. This is presumably due to reflection inside the lens mount, either from high window on stairs (blocked at bottom only) or from flash.

Shira is uncertain about where the figure was when he first saw it. It moved, he says down the stairs. Provand says he did not know that Shira had seen anything queer. He hurriedly uncapped when Shira called out, thinking that some sightseers, who were going round the house, were coming. Both Shira and Provand seemed to me to be honest. Provand says the lens was uncapped for about 6 seconds.


The ghost was standing on the 13th step from the top.

There is inconsistency in Shira's account. Provand was under the black cloth to focus. Shira said "Quickly". Provand uncapped. Being under the black cloth he did not see the ghost. and enquired what the fuss was about.

1: He could not have focused with the cap on.

2: After focusing he would have taken off the cloth, capped the camera, taken out the ground glass, and inserted and opened the slide. He should have seen the ghost as well. Almost impossible he did this while under the black cloth.

Indre Shira was broad Scots with psychic wife. 'Indra Shira' is a pseudonym.

Photo taken at 4pm. Marchioness not told at the time, she only knew when sent the photo. Marchioness suggests 'Madonna' because she has a private chapel under the staircase.

Photo of Mrs Fodor on 13th step at 7pm. I had continuous noises from above my bedroom number 12 all night. The butler said the room was empty, then that Mrs Bevan (an old lady of 89) was near.

14 Nov 1925

Article on Raynham Hall in Country Life

08 August 1936

True Ghost Stories' Gwladys Marchioness Townshend & Maud Ffoulkes (6 weeks before)

19 September 1936


Photograph taken by Capt Provand assisted by Indre Shira

18 November 1936

Declaration Jones (the chemist on the ground floor)

"I saw negative fixed and the image was on it".

Declaration Provand

"It was not faked, the negatives were not tampered with, they were kept by me until developed and no one but me had access to them. I have no theories"

26 December 1936

CL publishes - Editorial p 671; Photo p 673 plus 'Spirit Photos' by Harry Price p 674

04 January 1937

Fodor to Shira

I am interested, please send a print. The Marchioness and I have written an introduction to her book ('True Ghost Stories').

 6 Jan

Shira to Fodor

I enclose declarations, due to so many requests for enlarged prints must charge 1 gn for 10x8 print.

 6 Jan

Fodor to Townshend

Visit? Invite to lecture 29 Jan

 7 Jan

Fodor to Shira

Can we have a free Print? Our backing would be worth more than a guinea.

 9 Jan

Visit to Raynham - Fodor, wife, child & Kingston

11 Jan

Report of visit(with carbon copy [removed]) The name 'Indre Shira' is made up, he speaks in broad Scots and has a psychic wife. (See below)

11 Jan

Fodor to Townshend

Thanks, enquires about noises

12 Jan

Herbert to Shira

Examine negative?

12 Jan  

Report of visit Fodor & Isaacs to Shira & Provand (with carbon copy). Provand has 30 years experience. His explanation was satisfactory - the camera was backed almost against the wall forcing him to stand sideways.

13 Jan

Fodor to Townshend

Enclose photos, yesterday interviewed Shira. Studio on first floor, there was a framed enlargement of the photo at the street door. Indre Shira is out to make capital out of your ghost. It is an excellent case but needs a vigorous character examination.

14 Jan

Report of visit Herbert to Shira & Provand - technical details (see below). Shira saw the ghost on the third step.

14 Jan

Townshend to Fodor

Shira wouldn't risk reputation

28 Jan

Fodor to Shira

Thanks 2 prints ghost, can I have the empty stair one as well? Aligning the two will rule out a bellows hole.

30 Jan

Press cutting on 'The Phantom Cavalier' by Townshend in 'The Bristol Evening World'. Doesn't mention ghost photo.

 4 Feb

Shira to Fodor

I enclose empty stair, it should satisfy there was no hole. Can I have tickets for the lecture?

09 Feb

Fodor to Shira

Thanks for the empty stair.

18 Feb

Press cuttings on 'True Ghost Stories' lecture Townshend Kings Lynn - on her book, no mention of ghost photo.

22 Feb

Fodor to Townshend

2nd visit?

23 Feb

Townshend to Fodor

[From secretary L Parker] Can't make lecture 26 Feb, come any time

25 Feb

Fodor to Townshend

Will ring with date, could you give a lecture?

09 Mar

Townshend to Fodor

April OK, can Miss Ffoulkes come too - we collected the book together?

11 Mar

Fodor to Townshend

Lecture 19 April, invite to opening of IIPS on 6 April

26 Mar

Gibson to Walker

March Journal report? Research Officer's Report is available in the SPR Societies Room.

10 Apr

Townshend to Fodor

[Secretry Charles Steuart] 26 April instead

10 Apr

Walker to Herbert

Please deal with Gibson's query.

12 Apr

Fodor to Townshend

Confirm new date

13 Apr

Herbert to Gibson

Enclose report - thinks bellows hole allowed light into camera. Very curious it should be the right size for a human figure, and still more so that Mr Shira thought he saw a figure

20 Apr

Fodor to Townshend

Confirming date

26 Apr

Lecture Townshend to IIPR˜


Fodor to Townshend


01 February 1938

Gibson to Herbert

Thanks for comment on Raynham ghost


19 September 1936


2 @ 9x7 enlargement [1 missing]

Empty staircase

09 January 1937


7x5 enlargement

Staircase & wife 7pm

3x2 contact

Staircase - long exposure & flash, after dinnr

10 Jan


2 @ 3x2 contact

Bed in Monmouth room

10 Jan


3x2 contact

In bed


3x2 contact

Portrait of Dorothy Walpole (Brown Lady)

7x5 enlargemnt

Dorothy Walpole

5x3 2 of general interior; 2 of Monmouth bedroom; man, Fodor & woman with Marchioness; Fodor on staircase - uniform yellow paper

4x3 negative of double exposure? showing identical twins (moustache, spectacles,cardigan) in chaotic studio.  Thick inflexible celluloid 'plate'. (Dr Vernon Harrison?)