Xenophon announce the availability of the PSIGRAM (a contraction of  Psychic Telegram)  The PSIGRAM updates with modern computer technology the well  established phenomena of mediumistic automatic writing, Raudive  voices picked up by de-tuned radio receivers, telephone calls from the  dead, and the psychokinetic manipulation of laboratory random number generators by sensitives.

A computer is fed with the name of an enquirer, and then a random  number generator, open to the infuence of any discarnate entity which wishes to communicate with them, generates 12,000 characters of  random text.  Close study of this mass of text by the enquirer will reveal buried within  it, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally, words which when  combined may form a significant message for them.  Each PSIGRAM is unique to the enquirer and the moment, and will never duplicate another. Messages may relate to the past, present or  future, and contain information, help or advice.

  PSIGRAM  A fusion of mediumistic automatic writing and  the control of random number generators by PSI.  The computer is the medium, and generates 20,000  characters of random text unique to an enquirer at  that time. Many people have found that close study  of this reveals words and phrases of particular  significance to them and their problems. Experiment  for yourself.

Copyright Roger J Morgan 1991