1856-1897 Sir Charles Frederick Joseph Smythe 7th Baronet

1860-1867  Tempest

1867-1869  Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton & Lady Chatterton

1869-1874  R Berkley

1874-1875  Dowager Duchess of Norfolk

 Captain Haydock

 Captain H L Wickham

1897-1904 Daughter Mary Frances Blount (The Hut, Windsor)         

                        -1904  George J Everson (Birmingham mine owner)

1904-1906 George H Capewell Hughes     (Birmingham wire wheel manufacturer)

1906-1912 Widow Capewell Hughes

1912-1938 Robert Darley Guinness          (Banker)

1938-1947 Widow Lydia Lucy Lyster Guinness

1939-1945 Commandeered by Army

1945         Roof destroyed in fire

1947       Frederick Stanley Mayers & J F Ingram buy estate for £33,000 - mostly             derelict Hall, 200 acres, farm, mill, school, outbuildings & spinney. Hall           converted to flats for £6,000; farm, mill, school, timber & milk round                  sold for £25,000.

1951      F S Mayers and Frederick John Evans develop a caravan site in the                  grounds and a Country Club in the Hall.

1954     The caravan site is leased by William (Bill) H Allen  (Birmingham                  second hand car dealer and caravan entrepreneur). Manager Nigel Rice.

1955       F S Mayers bankruptcy - Hall and Country Club worth £20,00 but sold                  for £8,000 by receiver.

By 1956      W H Allen owner of caravan site.

By 1957      W H Allen owner of Hall and Country Club