Things are reversed in mirrors, so a clock’s reflection goes backwards. We are all familiar with the novelty backwards clock, but a reflected clock is not quite like this because the numbers are reflected backwards too, and are thus difficult to read, whereas the novelty backward clock has the numbers the right way round, and is thus easy to read once you get the hang of the hands going anti-clockwise, though it still takes some thought.

The ‘Mirror Clock’ or

is a backwards clock designed to read correctly in mirrors - not only does it go backwards, but the numbering is laterally reversed too. In fact it looks and behaves exactly like a normal clock when viewed in a mirror

In fact, so normal does it look, that people don’t see what all the fuss is about.

I envisage a number of specialist uses, where people stare into mirrors and want to know the time - the MirrorclocK is mounted behind them where they can see its reflection:

Domestic bathroom washbasin mirrors - there you are bleary eyed scrubbing your teeth or applying your eye-liner with the 7:45 to catch, or the theatre performance to go to. You look over your reflection’s shoulder to see the MirrorclocK

Barbers and hairdressers - how much longer is this going to take? When can the foil be taken off? Am I going to make the school run or the pub? You look behind your reflection to see the MirrorclocK

Theatrical dressing room mirrors - you know, the sort with bulbs all round the edge. Will I have my makeup done in time for my cue? You look over your reflection’s shoulder to see the MirrorclocK

Ballet practice at the Barr - I do 2 hour stints, surely its over; I mustn't overdo it? You look at the reflected far wall to see the MirrorclocK  

The standard MirrorclocK is in blue plastic with a quartz battery movement, and measures 8” or 200mm in diameter. The dials can be overprinted with your own logo.

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