A collection of out of copyright maps which may be purchased

A key map is presented - click on the map desired and a pop up window shows that map in degraded form, sufficient to identify if it is the one required but not sufficient to be useful for publication.

If you would like to buy a high quality image in TIFF format (7,800 x 5,670 pixels) note the Map Number and email me requesting one - You can pay by PayPal.

With luck the area you are interested in is in the centre of the map, and therefore you will only need one map; if you are slightly unfortunate and the area is on an edge, you will need two maps; if you are very unfortunate (Sod’s Law) and the area is on a corner you will need four maps. In these situations I offer a discount on the extra maps:

One map required       £5 (GBP5.00)

Two maps required     £7 (GBP7.00)

Three maps required   £9 (GBP9.00)

Four maps required   £11 (GBP11.00)

Ordnance Survey 1:1,056 (5 feet to the mile) nominal 1894-6 Edition: Kensington and most of Chelsea.

You are of course getting as an extra the whole map and not just the bit you are interested in! I shall email you the TIFF files on receipt of payment.