(What this is about)

This is a collection of my interests and research over my life - projects successful or not, brought to fruition or not!

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The London Subterranean Survey Association

The Hampton Court fire door ghost video

UFO official files

St Pauls panorama

Word pattern dictionary

The Adelphi Dark Arches

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall ghost photograph

‘An Adventure’ at the Petit Trianon

The ‘Man Who Never Was'- Operation MINCEMEAT

Box tunnel sunrise

Thomas Webster Rammell and the Pneumatic Railway

Drake’s furthest south

The Enfield Poltergeist Revisited

King Arthur’s Cross at Glastonbury

The Whitehall tunnel

Old maps of Kensington and Chelsea


Random text

Hampton Court maze

The London Hydraulic Power Company

Robert Falcon Scott as a boy

Wentworth bunker

Brooklands bunker

Annie Dawson daughter of Lady Jane Dixie - a family myth

The MirrorclocK

Wootton Hall, Wootton Wawen and its 'Secret Tunnel'

Census Atlas of Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

The Bearing of Mecca Quibla

NASA Photographs of a 'Fake' Apollo 11 Moon Landing

The J G Shield 'Everyman's Microscope

The 'Victorian shops under Oxford Street'

Morgan's Tangle Postulate

The Hungerford Club for tramps in WWII

The Golden Key' £50,000 armchair treasure hunt

Webb's patent sewer lamp

Tragedy at Pound Cottage, Wootton Wawen

The VP Twin Bakelite snapshot vest pocket camera

The LCC London Pipe Subway System

The Art Into Landscape Competition

The Beal treasure

Warren Row RSG 6

Death masks

Paddock standby Cabinet War Rooms

St Pauls lift shafts

Cable tunnels

The Tower Subway

Black propaganda - The 'malingerer's' booklet

The Geodron cardboard globe

Joint use pipe subways

The Pythouse skeleton

The transposable organ

The universal calendar slide

Lost rivers of London

Deep shelters

Down Street

Welbeck Abbey

Cabinet War Rooms

The real tube map