In the cliff face of an abandoned sandstone quarry, now an unrestricted car park for British Aerospace, Weybridge, whose premises are on the other side of the adjoining B374.

There were once many entrances and most of them can be seen in the car park. Progress beyond the first bend is generally restricted  by welded iron doors.

Very little is known about the origins of this huge tunnel complex. It is designed for air raid protection.  The kinks in the entrance passages are to absorb bomb blast.  There was extensive air conditioning and perhaps even gas proofing, with two fan chambers with filters.  It probably dates from WWII when the site was owned by Vickers Armstrong Ltd. and was designed to hold their complete workforce (they designed for example the Barnes Wallace Tallboy and Grand Slam bombs and the Hawker Hurricane).

 The tunnels are lined with concrete and are rectangular in section some 2mt high and 1.5mt wide. There are rectangular recesses off the tunnels which are presumably for chemical toilets. Wooden benches would have been along the walls. In the floor of the quarry is also what looks like the remains of a blockhouse, also sealed off.

Copyright Roger J Morgan 1988

Vickers bunker Brooklands

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